Pintado a mano NUBE SS30

Precio de oferta$2,400.00 USD

¿Tienes una visión artística? ¿O quizás un diseño específico en mente?

Expresa tu artista interior con Nube personalizado, tienes la oportunidad de colaborar con nuestros artistas para crear una pieza de arte única.

¡Contáctanos y trabajemos juntos en un boceto que refleje tu estilo y personalidad! 🌟🎨

Estimado para enviar en 3-5 semanas debido a la alta demanda

Color: hand painted. After ordering, we contact you to create a sketch

Your order includes


First filter kit

Extra carbon bag

Membrane RO

5-year warranty

About the NUBE SS30 Hand Painted

A machine that transforms air into high purity water, fluoride, and chlorine-free

Transform the moisture in the air into drinking water with Nube, the innovative atmospheric water generator that not only takes care of you but also of your environment. 🌍💙 But this is not just any machine: the personalized Nube is here to add a unique touch to your home or business!🌟✨


8 gal/day

30 L/day

Water storage capacity

3.5 gal

12.5 L


450 W/H - 4.5 A

Benefits of NUBE

Stop carrying water jugs

You'll never have to lug around heavy water jugs again.

Optimal pH Level

Enjoy water with an optimal pH level of 7.6, perfect for daily consumption.

Chlorine Free

Offers you a healthier and more refreshing drink.

Mineral stones

Provides the neccesary minerals to make it a high quality water.

Bring your Nube to life with a hand-painted design that matches your style!

Whether it’s an elegant pattern, a relaxing landscape, or your favorite artwork, our customization option allows you to work directly with our artists to create a unique piece.

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