Unconventional Water Resources

The world`s water scarcity problem gets full attention from the UN and they are looking into different ways to minimize the impacts on different parts of the world.

Let´s Face it!

There is no universal solution because every territory has different characteristics.

Some solutions are:

  • Fog harvesting,
  • Cloud seeding
  • Desalinating water (we hate it)
  • Treating municipal wastewater.

Its important for organizations such as UN to be open to unconventional solutions and act as quick as possible to try and minimize the impacts of limited water availability across the globe, and encourage governments to help those who come up with solutions because its an effort made for humanity beyond nationalities.

Our opinion:

The best solution is still water generated from the air, because well... moisture is EVERYWHERE!

But that is only an opinion from a group of people who have been doing it since 2010... 

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