Why were we born?

innovaquaInnovaqua was conceived in 2010 by a group of young engineers with an idea: "Let's solve water problems by applying the best innovation and technology of the world." 

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nube ss30

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Innovaqua´s Face mauricio bonilla

Our founder Mauricio Bonilla, being passionate about technology since he was 12 years old, is confident that many of the world's problems can be solved with it. His vision is that NUBE becomes a typical household appliance, just like we think of a refrigerator today...


His path has been challenging, but he is reassured to know that Henry Ford went through something similar when he took out his mass-produced car and was asked what is wrong with the horse? And today, who rides a horse? ... The same will be with the bottled water: believing that in 10 years we will ask ourselves, who today carries bottled water?

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