NUBE SS30 Filters / spare parts

Title: Cartridges Kit (every 6-12 months)
Estimated to ship out in 8-15 days due is painted on demand.


  • Instructions to remove hoses:

  • Instructions to replace 6 - 12 months filters:

Cartridge kit: 1x Pre Carbon (Black), 1x Post Carbon (Red) and  1x mineralizer (Yellow) cartridges (3 in total) are changed every 6 - 12 months (avg) depending on usage and air quality, odor and taste indicate that is time to change them.


  • Instructions to replace Reverse Osmosis Membrane (Every 24 - 36 months):

When to change it?

  1. When the Booster Pump stops pushing the water to the top tanks.
  2. After changing 4 times the cartridges kit.
  3. If the bad smell is not removed with a new filters kit.


  • When to change UV lights?

innovaqua nube


  • Hot / Cold water faucet broken? No worries, easy to replace.

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