NUBE SS30: Atmospheric Water Generator (8 Gal/day) 110V.

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Color: Purity

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First filter kit

Extra carbon bag

Membrane RO

5-year warranty

About the NUBE SS30

A machine that transforms air into high purity water, fluoride, and chlorine-free

NUBE is the future, it is the most avant-garde, healthy, and sustainable way to drink water. Ensure the water supply for you and your loved ones for more than 25 years!


8 gal/day

30 L/day

Water storage capacity

3.5 gal

12.5 L


350-450 w/L

Benefits of NUBE

Stop carrying water jugs

You'll never have to lug around heavy water jugs again.

Optimal pH Level

Enjoy water with an optimal pH level of 7.6, perfect for daily consumption.

Chlorine Free

Offers you a healthier and more refreshing drink.

Mineral stones

Provides the neccesary minerals to make it a high quality water.

Only needs electricity, there is no need to connect it to the city water supply!

Check out how easy is to install NUBE

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Does Air Water contain minerals?

Yes! In the last stage of filtration, the water generated from the air is mineralized by means of micro-doses in a cartridge that contains mineral stones, thus, we simulate the erosion effect of the river (which is where the rainwater is mineralized).

How does your NUBE work?

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What about maintenance?

Just need to change filters every 6 - 12 months, check out how easy with this video.

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350 w/L

Average performance

55 dB

Operating sound

Up to 30 L




Meet Nube Attributes

Gravity dispensing

No electricity? no worries, NUBE still can dispense without power

State of the Art Filters System

HEPA Air filter, no worries for pollutants in the air + Mineralizer

Stainless Steel Tank

Best quality tank, made of surgical grade stainless steel..

Easy to move

Move it around all your humid areas with its wheels.

Production based on humidity in liters

Production based on humidity in gallons

Production based on humidity in liters

Production based on humidity in gallons

Make your NUBE a piece of art!

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Does your country require 220V AC?

Don't worry! Buy our step up and down transformer.

Happy customers around the world!

Meet others who are making water from air with NUBE.

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Need to store water? Get the emergency water container and take advantage of the rear water outlet from your NUBE!



Technical Specifications