Silver Water - Your Immune System Booster. (25 oz / 40 ppm) (750 ml / 40 ppm)

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Your immune system booster

Key Benefits

Immune System Booster

Strengthens and supports your immune system.

Antibacterial / Bactericide / Virucide

Effective against bacteria and viruses.

Acne Treatment

Helps with acne when applied directly to the face.

Wound and Burn Care

Disinfects and aids in healing wounds and burns.

About Gold Water

Discover the power of water generated from the air, enriched with high-quality nanoparticles of 99.9% silver.

This potent supplement offers exceptional absorption and a multitude of health benefits.

Serving size

Just 15 ml (0.5 oz) daily.


Contains 40 ppm of silver nanoparticles.

Offers 8x greater absorption than any other silver supplement.

Bottle Duration

Lasts 50 days with regular use.

Additional feature

Includes a serving cup marked with ml/oz for accurate measurement.