Germilapiz: Seed Pencil (10 pieces)

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Tipo de Semilla: Habanero

Tipo de Semilla

Only available in Latinoamerica

Types of seeds




Serrano pepper


What is Germilapiz?

A plantable pencil that grows a plant after reaching its life cycle.

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How it works?

1. When its lifecycle reaches its end, it’s time to sow it. 

2. Select a ploy where to nail it at 45º.

3. Water, sun and a lot of love are the magic ingredients.

4. Take care of it while you watch it grow.

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Ecological pencil

The pencil capsules are made from cellulose ethers from plant sources. In addition, the pencil is made of reforested wood, which makes it a totally ecological pencil.

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Home garden

The Germination Percentage is around 90%, it is important that only the green part is nailed and the earth is soft to guarantee that the seed germinates.

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Do you consider its price very high?

We understand you perfectly ...

The point of comparison we have is against companies that produce millions of pencils per month. In our case, Germilapiz are made in an artisanal way by Mexicans of the third age, generating an income. We are trying very hard to reach the volume necessary to lower prices, but at the moment it is the best we can offer.

We ask you to understand us and be encouraged to support the cause.

- Mau.

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Can be customized!

Cost for every 10 units of customization is $ 3 USD.

Includes laser engraving of the pencil and individual cardboard / individual package.

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