Innovaqua Water Solutions

About us

Why were we born?

Innovaqua was conceived in 2010 by a group of young engineers with an idea: "Let's solve water problems by applying the best innovation and technology聽of the world."聽

Over 56 countries with satisfied clients

Over 14 years of experience

-1% defect rate

The face behind聽Innovaqua

Our founder,聽Mauricio Bonilla, has been passionate about technology since he was 12 years old and firmly believes that many of the world's problems can be solved through technological innovation.

His vision is for聽NUBE聽to become a standard household appliance, much like how we regard refrigerators today. Although his journey has been challenging, he finds reassurance in the story of Henry Ford, who faced skepticism when he introduced the mass-produced car. People questioned what was wrong with horses, and now, hardly anyone rides them. Similarly, Mauricio envisions a future where, in ten years, we will look back and wonder why anyone would carry bottled water.

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Innovaqua was conceived

The idea of Innovaqua was conceived by a group of young engineers with one goal: "Let's solve water problems by applying the best innovation and technology in the world."


The prototype is developed, and the technology begins to be tested.


Pilot tests are launched

Pilot tests are launched in multiple scenarios to measure its performance according to humidity, temperature, and air pollution.


Innovaqua was officially founded

In the dynamic landscape of San Pedro and Ciudad Obreg贸n, Innovaqua was officially founded in May 2013 with an ambitious goal: to offer innovative, sustainable, and efficient solutions for the use of potable water.


Beyond innovation

After successfully completing the local phase with 25 pilot projects, Innovaqua expanded its reach through national and international exhibitions, spreading solutions and raising awareness about water conservation. Since 2014, it has offered conferences at educational institutions such as Instituto San Roberto, Colegio Americano, UDEM, and TEC de Monterrey, planting the seeds of a sustainable culture in new generations.


A pivotal year

After years of pilot testing and refinement, we received support from various institutions, including direct backing from the director of Banregio, Manuel Rivero Zambrano. This support was crucial for initiating the mass production of the "NUBE SS" series, a significant step towards scalability.


A year of challenges and opportunities

We faced challenging yet exciting opportunities. Thanks to a partnership with influential figures like Ricky Martin, Rebeca de Alba, and Ellen Degeneres, we managed to bring our technology to Puerto Rico, becoming the first foreign country to benefit from 100 units after the devastating impact of Hurricane Maria.


Top 10 Entrepreneurs of the Year

Innovaqua was awarded as one of the "Top 10 Entrepreneurs of the Year" by publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Expansi贸n, solidifying its leadership in innovation and sustainability. The company exported its solutions to the United States, Canada, and England, globalizing its impact. Continuous growth led us to be recognized as a premium client by DHL.


+19 contries

Success continued as we expanded our horizons even further, exporting to a total of 19 countries, from North America to Europe and South America, bringing our commitment to water to every corner of the world where it is needed.


Multicultural marketing

Innovaqua's marketing department transformed into a multicultural one. With advertising and an online store in 10 languages, the company attracted customers from Turkey, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, Thailand, and more, transcending barriers in the pursuit of a sustainable world.


Reaching further

During the pandemic, Innovaqua's reach grew even further, reaching countries like Indonesia, Japan, Angola, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, and the Philippines.


Projects and partnerships

We collaborated on several projects in partnership with the Tecnol贸gico de Monterrey. One of the outstanding projects was the implementation of an innovative infrastructure for generating water from the air and storing it in its sustainable building. At the end of the year, we were invited to participate in events such as the Foro Mar de Cort茅s in Los Cabos, BC.


Disruptive startup

Our work received widespread recognition. We were awarded as one of the most promising and disruptive Hispanic startups by PRO Magazine.

We had the honor of being invited as keynote speakers at the prestigious Forbes Forum, sharing our vision and experience with a global audience. In addition, we received the distinguished Fray Servando Teresa de Mier Medal for "Entrepreneur of the Year", awarded by the Honorable Congress of the State of Nuevo Le贸n, Mexico.


The story continues...

Thanks to our previous collaboration with the Tecnol贸gico de Monterrey, we were chosen to be part of their "M茅xico 10 Emprendedores sustentables agua" as a case of technological and innovative solutions to solve water scarcity. And so, Innovaqua's story continues. A story of innovation, commitment, and passion for a world where water is valued, preserved, and shared for generations to come.