Germilápiz: Writing the Future with Social Awareness

Germilápiz: Writing the Future with Social Awareness

We are proud to announce that Innovaqua has been featured in an article by El Reforma thanks to one of our most innovative and eco-friendly products: Germilápiz. This seed pencil not only redefines the concept of stationery but also reflects our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

An Innovation with Purpose

Germilápiz is not just any pencil. From its manufacturing to its useful life, this product exemplifies social and environmental responsibility. Handcrafted with eco-certified Mexican raw materials, Germilápiz goes beyond the simple act of writing. Once used, its remnants can be repurposed to germinate plants, thus completing a perfect cycle of sustainability.

Germilápiz Highlights

  • Reforested wood: We use wood from reforested forests, ensuring that our environmental impact is positive.
  • Organic seeds: Each pencil includes seeds of basil, sunflower, or tomato from organic farms.
  • Resistant capsules: The capsules containing the seeds are made from plant-based materials, resistant to temperature changes.
  • Free shipping: Sold in boxes of 10 units, with free shipping.
  • Easy to plant: Plant in pots at a 45-degree angle, in soft soil.
  • Customization: Can be customized for orders of 100 units or more.

An Educational Tool

Lápiz Semilla: Germilapiz (10 piezas)-Innovaqua Water Solutions SA de CV

According to our CEO, Mauricio Bonilla, Germilápiz was created with future generations in mind. "The idea attracted us because it is appealing to children, who are the target audience, as part of our work is environmental awareness and education. In fact, we give lectures in schools where we explain how it works and give them one," he said in an interview.

In these talks, we delve into how Germilápiz has a small capsule with seeds at the top, which can be planted in a pot to generate life. This initiative not only educates children on the importance of the environment but also offers them a hands-on sustainability experience.

Social Commitment

In addition to its ecological focus, Innovaqua is also dedicated to supporting vulnerable social sectors. We currently employ elderly individuals, providing them with temporary work. "We have had three to eight elderly people involved, depending on the season and orders, which increase when school cycles begin. Our goal is to have a permanent staff of 10. Almost 100 percent of the profits go to them," Bonilla explained.

A Role Model

Innovaqua follows in the footsteps of pioneering companies like Sprout, which sell in 60 countries and have expanded their product line to customizable makeup pencils. Their success inspires us and motivates us to continue innovating and expanding our sustainable solutions.

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