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Proud to Be Featured in "México 10 Emprendedores Sustentables Agua

Proud to Be Featured in "México 10 Emprendedores Sustentables Agua
 We are excited to announce that Innovaqua has been featured in the newly released book, "México 10 Emprendedores Sustentables Agua", a collaborative effort highlighting successful companies dedicated to water conservation. This initiative, spearheaded by professors from the Monterrey Campus Business School, presents innovative solutions from 10 sustainable enterprises, including our very own Nube technology.


Sharing Our Journey: Inspiring Water Sustainability

The book, published by LIDeditorial, showcases the journey of various companies committed to addressing water issues through technological and sustainable means. Innovaqua's featured solution, Nube, generates water from ambient humidity, aiming to tackle challenges such as overexploitation of traditional water sources, reducing plastic waste from water bottles, and providing high-quality potable water.

About the Initiative


"México 10 Emprendedores Sustentables Agua" is part of a series designed to promote entrepreneurship and share the experiences of businesses focused on environmental care. The collaboration involves 10 faculty members from the Department of Entrepreneurship at Monterrey Campus who each contributed a chapter, documenting and interviewing various successful enterprises. The project is a partnership between the Tec Business School, Fundación Helvex, and, and supports the Líderes del Mañana program, which offers full scholarships to outstanding students.

Our Contribution: Water from Air

Innovaqua's story, as featured in the book, reflects our commitment to providing innovative solutions to water scarcity. Nube, our flagship product, uses a seven-stage filtration system to turn atmospheric moisture into ionized, alkaline water, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional water sources. Our technology aims to mitigate the environmental impact of water consumption and enhance access to clean water.

Collaboration and Impact

This collaborative effort by Tec professors was coordinated to ensure that all chapters were authored by academic experts, creating a comprehensive and educational resource. As Mónica Caballero, one of the coordinators and contributors, emphasized, the book not only highlights the technological advances of each company but also their dedication to supporting the environment and society.

The Launch Event

The book was launched on April 4th at the Monterrey campus library auditorium, marking an important milestone for the involved companies and the academic community. As Juan del Cerro, the book’s coordinator and founder of, noted, the focus on water reflects the ongoing and urgent need for solutions in the face of global water crises.

Looking Forward

Being featured in "México 10 Emprendedores Sustentables Agua" is a testament to Innovaqua's impact and innovation in water sustainability. We are honored to be part of this significant publication and remain committed to advancing our mission of making clean water accessible and sustainable.

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