June 26th: CDMX Water Zero Day

June 26th: CDMX Water Zero Day

The water scarcity situation in central Mexico has worsened in recent weeks, leading to reductions in domestic water supply. Millions of residents in Mexico City are at risk of facing water shortages in the coming months.

The primary reason for this crisis is the deficit in water storage in the Cutzamala System, which is currently in negative numbers.

Informally known as Cutzamala, it contributes to over 25% of the total water supply in the Metropolitan Area of Mexico City. Currently, it is experiencing historically low storage levels.

According to the latest report from the Waters of the Valley of Mexico Basin Organization (OCAVM), the current water storage capacity is at 39.3%, significantly below the historical average for this time of year at 76.2%. This difference represents a deficit of 37%.

Since November 2023, when the water reduction was announced, it was estimated to ensure six months of regular supply.

Based on current estimates, critical water shortages are expected to begin on June 26, marking Day 0, a milestone signaling the onset of a profound water crisis affecting millions of people.

However, Jose Luis Luegue, former head of the National Water Commission (Conagua), warned of possible water supply difficulties in the metropolitan area, suggesting they could start in April, ahead of the original forecast set by authorities for June or July.

"Why do I say April and not July? Because it's not about bringing the dams to zero; that cannot be. Lowering them to much less level would imply greater contamination or the presence of contaminating heavy metals that cannot be treated at the water treatment plant," he explained in an interview with Grupo Fórmula.

The Mexico City administration announced the implementation of a water supply system by rotation in 10 districts during the first two months of the year. They also introduced a platform for residents to check the schedules and dates when water supply will be available in their areas.

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